A cool-kid of the west with a guitar and the internet.

With the west coast as her foundation for creation, Lilly Carron has let her ideas run free taking her parents iPad ransom and pouring everything she has into it.

The 19 year old songwriter evokes feelings of honesty, optimism and passion with the delivery of every bright-eyed word.

She exudes a larger than life outlook and tells the coming of age tales, having time only a 19-year-old has to explore one’s own thoughts — Often chasing the rabbit down the hole, contemplating the ideas around existence, the universe and exploring interpersonal relationships.

Her debut release Evaporate The Rain is one-take live recording layered with adlib harmonies taken from her iPad. The song, reflective of the early recordings by a young Stevie Nicks with the intrigue and effortlessness of Lana Del Ray.

2019 will see a collection of songs released accompanied by film shorts further letting you into the world in which Lilly occupies.




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