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Dexter Murray


Dexter Murray is cool. Studying design at Wellington’s Massey University and born in Auckland, Dexter is the talented dude you should know about. With wicked photography and design skills Dexter has had many exhibitions in the past including You’re So Wellington, Auckland 2015 & What The F@#k Are We Doing Here. Dexter is emerging as one of New Zealand’s brightest creative minds - his work conveying majestic authenticity and aesthetic far beyond his 21 years on planet earth. Having photographed the local youth scene for a while we thought it was about time to ask him a few questions. He’s a clever guy, but what makes this mans tick?!

Who is your favourite person in the world?

Why pick one? Everyone you interact with plays different parts in who we become.

What was the last thing that inspired you to do something?

Seeing people get excited about something inspires me. That inability to stop talking about a project means it’s a goodie.

When did you get your first camera?

In my final year of primary school, a disposable camera I took on school camp - most of the pictures had my finger over the lens. I recently rediscovered these and realised my photos today carry a very similar style.

Where were your parents born?

Dad was born in the 09 (Auckland) and Mum in the Bay! (Hawkes Bay/Hastings).

How many collections do you keep?

I hoard a lot of coffee cups in my room - most of the time they tend to be dirty. I also have a big stash of paper, seeing how different paper prints intrigues me.

Why do you do what you do?

It’s just worked out, it feels natural. Plus the people I’ve met along the way brought out the best in me. Sometimes I question it and wonder why or how I ended up here, art based practices seem to do that to ya, but I feel like it’s coming into place.