HIGH HØØPS Releases 'Steady Rolling' & Announces 'Seasons On Planet Earth'

HIGH HØØPS Releases 'Steady Rolling' & Announces debut album 'Seasons On Planet Earth'.

Jordan Arts signals the change in seasons and ups the ante with new track ‘Steady Rolling’ and announcing the title and release date for his debut solo album under the moniker HIGH HØØPS. Seasons On Planet Earth will be released on Friday 21 September on A Label Called Success.

“I wanted to make something that felt primitive and humanised, with some room for error and impact,” says Arts.

"I came home from a house party one Saturday night with a buzz on, sat down with my bass guitar and locked up a groove real quick. Steady Rolling was born. It's one of the few tracks that has a charging live room feel and certainly offers some balance on the record."

Seasons On Planet Earth is a deeply personal project for Jordan, who not only played every instrument on the album, but also took on all writing, producing, engineering and mixing duties.

“I see the album as a journal entry of songs I’ve made over the last couple of seasons on planet earth," he says. "They range from a time where romance and heartbreak, haunted blue days and red hot nights were phasing like season finales and premieres. The music is always centred around groove and melody, drawing influence from a nostalgic haze of 70s funk, 80s disco, 90s R&B and 2000s dance music romanced into a sound for the future."

“It’s a cathartic experience releasing this record. It’s been an adventure making it - I hope it can accompany a few adventures when people are listening to it.”

Seasons On Planet Earth will be released on Friday 21 September on A Label Called Success on digital platforms and on LP at your favourite record store. Listen to 'Steady Rolling' on Spotify or Apple Music, or buy on iTunes.

Track listing

  1. People
  2. Madly
  3. Body
  4. Can I Get Love?
  5. Blue Eyes
  6. Dangerous (feat. Maesu)
  7. Steady Rolling
  8. Heatwave
  9. Dreaming
  10. Burn It Up
  11. Love On Repeat