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Tucked between an art gallery a music store and sitting just behind local coffee spot Milk Crate, Precinct 35 is the perfect cultural headstone that marks and showcases Wellingtons spirit. From spoons, to soap, to magazines and a plethora of cultured quality products on offer, Precinct 35 is a store all about the conscious consumer no matter what their shopping list is.

Proud owner Prak is responsible for the immaculate space and is the walking epitome of cool. The interview below sums up the forward thinking aesthetically motivated man, where he likes to stroll, and what his days on planet earth consist of.

What is the best thing to read and or watch right now?

Read the 'Journal of Urgent Writing Vol 2', edited by Simon Wilson. It's jam packed full of essays by smart New Zealanders, writing about the issues we should all be talking about when we are hooning beers on a Friday night. Skip to the end and start with 'How to Die' by Wellingtonian Jo Randerson, and work your way back. Poignant stuff.

When is the best part of your day?

Eating an egg salad sanga at Milk Crate before I start my day working at Precinct. When was the last time you had an egg salad sandwich? That's right, you can't remember. It is probably the best $4 you could spend, period. Fuck me so good.

Where would you take someone if they were new to town?

Moore Wilson's. It is hands down my favourite thing in Wellington. Grab some fresh OJ, flowers and some delicious bits to whip up something at home. I've gone in to buy bananas, and left spending $100 on cheese and proper Kumara crisps. That's how you upsell.

Why do you live in Wellington?

Because you can't beat it on a good day hah!

Who is someone you look up to?

Guy Montgomery.

How do you spend your weekends?

Usually working a day at Precinct which is great, it's when we are our busiest so you get to have those conversations that matter. Will also try squeeze a run in, some yummy food at Gypsy Kitchen and try pop in to Rough Peel to spend money I don't have on a record. I love my life.